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Iranol Motorow

Multi-grade engine oil for gasoline and diesel

Iranol Motoro has been produced by using paraffinic base oil obtained from shear refining of crude oil and performing the process of hydrogenation (Hydro finishing) and high quality additives, for use in all seasons and climatic conditions of Iran.

  • API  SL
  • ISIRI22261

This product, which is produced in accordance with JASO and API efficiency levels, is suitable for use in non-automatic four-stroke gasoline motorcycles.

Has standard specifications of JASO MA (Japan Automobile Standards Association) and API SL for four-stroke motorcycles with wet clutch
Use of hydrogenated base oil to increase thermal stability and oxidation resistance
Excellent anti-oxidation properties and thermal stability
Cleaning ability to reduce deposits due to combustion and oxidation
Contains anti-wear materials to control erosion of engine parts
Neutralizing acids from oxidation and combustion to prevent corrosion of engine parts
The anti-slip property of the clutch, which with its special molecular structure, uniformly fills the space between all the plates of the clutch.
Has a suitable coefficient of friction to prevent premature slip and wear of the clutch plate.
Easy start of the engine and fast arrival of oil to the parts in the best way for lubrication at low temperatures
Excellent shear stability of the product, which leads to maintaining viscosity throughout consumption
Significant ability to remove excess heat from the engine to maintain the metallurgical structure of the parts