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Iranol Euro Diesel

Diesel engine oil

Iranol Euro diesel has been produced using all synthetic base oils and quality additives for use in heavy diesel engines in accordance with the Euro 5 and lower emission standard and in blue for all seasons and climatic conditions in Iran.

  • 1342ISIRI

This product, which is produced in accordance with API and ACEA efficiency levels, is designed for use in heavy and modern diesel conveyors such as buses, trailers, tractors and trucks with EURO 5 and lower pollution standards.

With ACEA standard specifications: E7 (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) and API CI-4 for heavy diesel engines
Excellent performance in engines equipped with advanced EGR and SCR technology to reduce specific pollutants
Excellent antioxidant properties and thermal stability
Strong soot cleaning capability to reduce deposits due to combustion and oxidation
Contains anti-wear materials to control erosion of engine parts
Neutralizes acids from oxidation and combustion to prevent corrosion of engine parts