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Iranol D-17000 plus

Diesel engine oil

Iranol D-17000 plus using paraffinic base oil obtained from shear refining of crude oil with high viscosity index and performing refining process with hydrogen (Hydro finishing) and additives suitable for use in heavy diesel engines for use in Iranian weather conditions Has been produced.

  • CH-4API
  • VDS-2Volvo
  • 11380ISIRI

For use in all four-stroke, supercharged and turbocharged diesel engines in cases where the above quality levels are recommended
Used in road construction, construction, mining and agricultural equipment and heavy machinery

Diesel engine oil with excellent performance
Suitable for use in high speed offshore diesel engines
Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties of engine parts
Excellent cleaning and suspending and reducing soot and sediment from the engine surface
High alkalinity to prevent adverse effects caused by acids produced by fuel combustion and thus increase oil life
Excellent antioxidant properties and thermal stability
Bearing lubrication power at low starting temperatures and reduced scale formation at low temperatures, especially when used at short distances
Maintain oil viscosity at high operating temperatures
Reduce fuel consumption

انواع اتوبوس،مینی بوس و کامیون های بنز اکتروس و اکسور، اتوبوس های شهاب، ولووFM,NH,FH،کامیونت های ایسوزو، اتوبوس های 1312B, OM457LA، مگاترانس،HOWO، انواع کمپرسی و کشنده، ماشین های کشاورزی، عملیات راهسازی و حفاری نظیر بیل هیدرولیکی، بلدوزر و گریدر و ….