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Iranol ATF-II

Car automatic transmission oil

Iranol ATF-II has been produced using high quality paraffinic base oil obtained from shear refining of crude oil and performing the refining process with hydrogen (Hydro finishing) and special additives with excellent power transmission, anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties.

  • Dexron IIDGM
  • MerconFord
  • C-4Allison
  • TO-2Caterpillar
  • 5814ISIRI

In all automatic gearboxes and hydraulic steering boxes of all types of vehicles and hydraulic systems of many industrial devices.

High thermal stability and oxidation, which prevents the formation of glaze, sludge and sediments and increases the efficiency of the transmission system.
Suitable anti-abrasion properties to extend the life of the transmission system
Low temperature fluidity which leads to ease of lubrication and reduction of power transmission drop at starting temperature.
Foam control to improve lubrication and control wear and friction between parts during harsh operating conditions
Compliance with all components of seals used in type IID transfers, which play an effective role in controlling oil leakage.