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Iranol 8000

Gasoline engine oil

High quality gasoline-diesel engine oil

Iranol 8000 has been produced using paraffinic base oil obtained from shear refining of crude oil and refining process with hydrogen (Hydrofinishing) and high quality additives, for use in all seasons and climatic conditions.

  • 22261/22260ISIRI

Suitable for use in gasoline vehicles designed up to 1993 AD and supercharged diesel when the above standards are recommended by the car manufacturer.

  • High antioxidant properties and thermal stability
  • Detergent property to reduce deposits due to combustion and oxidation
  • Anti-wear properties to control erosion of engine parts
  • Neutralizing properties of acids resulting from oxidation and combustion to prevent corrosion of engine parts
  • Increase engine life and power to a high level
  • Easy start of the engine and fast delivery of oil to the parts properly, in order to lubricate at low temperatures
  • High shear stability of the product, which leads to maintaining viscosity throughout consumption
  • High ability to remove excess heat from the engine to maintain the metallurgical structure of the parts
  • Control oil consumption and reduce costs

Kia Rio 4-door engine
Iran Khodro Peykan Vant (Bardo), Roa, RD
Pars Khodro Renault PK, Renault 21, Van Rich
Capra van, Landmark
New Mazda Mazda 2, Mazda pickup (Kara)
Mitsubishi Pajero
Proton Vira