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Iranol 6000

Gasoline engine oil

High quality gasoline-diesel engine oil

Iranol 6000 has been produced using paraffinic base oil obtained from shear refining of crude oil and suitable additives for use in all seasons and suitable for weather conditions.

  • 22261/22260ISIRI

Suitable for use in non-supercharged light gasoline and diesel engines in cases where the above quality levels are recommended. This oil is for gasoline engines designed until 1988 and diesel engines designed until 1961.

Good antioxidant properties and thermal stability
Detergent property to reduce deposits due to combustion and oxidation
Anti-wear properties to control erosion of engine parts
Neutralizing properties of oxidation and combustion acids to prevent corrosion of engine parts
Increase engine life and power to a good degree

Peykan, Renault 5, Shoka pickup, Caravan, Junior, Mazda 1600 pickup